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[nuhk-uh l-duhs-ter] /ˈnʌk əlˌdʌs tər/

(often pl) a metal bar fitted over the knuckles, often with holes for the fingers, for inflicting injury by a blow with the fist


Brass knuckles (1858+)


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  • Knucklehead

    [nuhk-uh l-hed] /ˈnʌk əlˌhɛd/ noun, Informal. 1. a stupid, bumbling, inept person. /ˈnʌkəlˌhɛd/ noun 1. (informal) fool; idiot n. “stupid person,” 1890, American English, from knuckle (n.) + head (n.). “That infernal knuckle-head at the camp ought to have reported before now,” he thought to himself, as he smoked. [Charles H. Shinn, “The Quicksands of […]

  • Knuckle-joint

    noun 1. a joint forming a knuckle. 2. Machinery. a joint between two parts allowing movement in one plane only. noun 1. any of the joints of the fingers 2. (mechanical engineering) a hinged joint between two rods, often a ball and socket joint

  • Knuckle pads

    knuckle pads n. An atavistic congenital condition in which thick pads of skin appear over the proximal phalangeal joints.

  • Knuckler

    noun, Baseball. 1. a slow pitch that moves erratically toward home plate, usually delivered by holding the ball between the thumb and the knuckles of the first joints of the first two or three fingers. modifier : a knuckleball artist noun A pitch thrown from the knuckles that moves slowly and erratically; butterfly ball: Leonard’s […]

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