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[kœ-buh n-houn] /ˌkœ bənˈhaʊn/

Danish name of .
[koh-puh n-hey-guh n, -hah-, koh-puh n-hey-, -hah-] /ˌkoʊ pənˈheɪ gən, -ˈhɑ-, ˈkoʊ pənˌheɪ-, -ˌhɑ-/
a seaport in and the capital of Denmark, on the E coast of Zealand.
/ˌkəʊpənˈheɪɡən; -ˈhɑː-; ˈkəʊpənˌheɪ-; -ˌhɑː-/
the capital of Denmark, a port on Zealand and the Amager Islands on a site inhabited for some 6000 years: exports chiefly agricultural products; iron and steel works; university (1479). Pop: 501 664 (2004 est) Danish name København
the Danish name for Copenhagen

capital of Denmark, literally “merchant’s port,” from Danish køber “merchant,” literally “buyer” (see cheap (adj.)), + havn “port” (see haven).

Capital of Denmark and largest city in the country, located in eastern Denmark; the country’s chief commercial, industrial, and cultural center.

Note: Called the “Paris of the north” because of its similar charm.


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