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[koh-hee-mah] /ˈkoʊ hiˌmɑ/

a town in and the capital of Nagaland, in E India.
[nah-guh-land] /ˈnɑ gəˌlænd/
a state in NE India. 6366 sq. mi. (16,488 sq. km).
Capital: Kohima.
a city in NE India, capital of Nagaland, near the Burmese border: centre of fierce fighting in World War II, when it was surrounded by the Japanese but not captured (1944). Pop: 78 584 (2001)
a state of NE India: formed in 1962 from parts of Assam and the North-East Frontier Agency; inhabited chiefly by Naga tribes; consists of almost inaccessible forested hills and mountains (the Naga Hills); shifting cultivation predominates. Capital: Kohima. Pop: 1 988 636 (2001). Area: 16 579 sq km (6401 sq miles)


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