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[kom-suh-mawl, kom-suh-mawl] /ˌkɒm səˈmɔl, ˈkɒm səˌmɔl/

noun, (formerly)
a communist organization in the Soviet Union for youths 16 years of age and older.
a member of this organization.
Compare (def 2), (def 6).
/ˌkɒmsəˈmɒl; ˈkɒmsəˌmɒl; Russian kəmsaˈmɔl/
(formerly) the youth association of the Soviet Union for 14- to 26-year-olds

Russian communist youth organization, 1934, from Russian Komsomol, contraction of Kommunisticheskii Soyuz Molodezhi “Communist Union of Youth.”


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