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See koniophobia


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  • Koniophobia

    noun a fear of dust; also written coniophobia , koniphobia See coniophobia Word Origin Greek konis ‘dust’

  • Konoye

    [kaw-naw-ye] /ˈkɔ nɔˈyɛ/ noun 1. Prince Fumimaro [foo-mee-mah-raw] /ˈfu miˈmɑ rɔ/ (Show IPA), 1891–1945, Japanese statesman: premier 1937–39, 1940–41.

  • Konkani

    [kong-kuh-nee, kawng-] /ˈkɒŋ kəˌni, ˈkɔŋ-/ noun 1. a dialect of Marathi spoken in coastal Maharashtra in western India.

  • Konrad

    [kon-rad] /ˈkɒn ræd/ noun 1. a male given name.

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