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noun (pl) -ries
a native Australian


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  • Koord

    [kurd, koo rd] /kɜrd, kʊərd/ noun 1. a Kurd.

  • Kootchar

    [koo-cher] /ˈku tʃər/ noun 1. any of several small, stingless Australian honeybees of the genus Trigona.

  • Kootchy

    Related Terms the hootchie-cootchie

  • Kootenay

    [koot-n-ey, -n-ee] /ˈkut nˌeɪ, -nˌi/ noun 1. a river flowing from SW Canada through NW Montana and N Idaho, swinging back into Canada to the Columbia River. 400 miles (645 km) long. /ˈkuːtəniː; ˈkuːtneɪ/ noun 1. a river in W North America, rising in SE British Columbia and flowing south into NW Montana, then north […]

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