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  • Kopeck

    [koh-pek] /ˈkoʊ pɛk/ noun 1. an aluminum-bronze coin of Russia, the Soviet Union, and its successor states, the 100th part of a ruble. /ˈkəʊpɛk/ noun 1. a monetary unit of Russia and Belarus worth one hundredth of a rouble: coins are still used as tokens for coin-operated machinery although the kopeck itself is virtually valueless […]

  • Kopeisk

    [koh-peysk; Russian kuh-pyeysk] /koʊˈpeɪsk; Russian kʌˈpyeɪsk/ noun 1. a city in the SW Russian Federation in Asia, near the Urals. /Russian kaˈpjejsk/ noun 1. a city in SW central Russia, in Chelyabinsk province: lignite mining. Pop: 24 000 (2005 est) Former name Kopi (ˈkɔpi)

  • Kopfring

    [kawpf-ring] /ˈkɔpfˌrɪŋ/ noun 1. a metal ring welded to the nose of a bomb to reduce its penetration in earth or water.

  • Koph

    [kawf] /kɔf/ noun 1. the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 2. the uvular stop consonant sound represented by this letter. /kɒf/ noun 1. the 19th letter in the Hebrew alphabet (ק) transliterated as q, and pronounced as a velar or uvular stop

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