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noun (pl) -ku
the white heron, Egretta alba, having brilliant white plumage, black legs and yellow eyes and bill


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  • Kotukutuku

    /kɒtuːkuːtuːkuː/ noun (pl) kotukutuku 1. a New Zealand forest tree, Fuchsia excorticata, with dark purple fruit called konini Also called kohutuhutu, tree fuchsia

  • Kotwal

    [koht-wahl] /ˈkoʊt wɑl/ noun, Indian English. 1. an Indian police officer.

  • Kotwali

    [koht-wah-lee] /ˈkoʊt wɑ li/ noun, Indian English. 1. a police station.

  • Kotzebue-sound

    1. an inlet of the Chukchi Sea, in the Arctic Ocean N of the Bering Strait, in NW Alaska.

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