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  • Kr

    Symbol, Chemistry. 1. . Chess. 1. king’s rook. 1. (in Sweden and the Faeroe Islands) krona; kronor. 2. (in Iceland) króna; krónur. 3. (in Denmark and Norway) krone; kroner. 1. . 2. krona; kronor. 3. króna; krónur. 4. krone; kroner. abbreviation 1. Republic of Korea symbol 1. (currency) Chemical symbol 2. krypton symbol 1. king’s […]

  • Kra

    [krah] /krɑ/ noun 1. Isthmus of, the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula, between the Bay of Bengal and the Gulf of Siam. 35 miles (56 km) wide. /krɑː/ noun 1. Isthmus of Kra, an isthmus of SW Thailand, between the Bay of Bengal and the Gulf of Thailand: the narrowest part of the Malay […]

  • Kraal

    [krahl] /krɑl/ noun 1. an enclosure for cattle and other domestic animals in southern Africa. 2. a village of the native peoples of South Africa, usually surrounded by a stockade or the like and often having a central space for livestock. 3. such a village as a social unit. 4. an enclosure where wild animals […]

  • K-radiation

    [key-rey-dee-ey-shuh n] /ˈkeɪˌreɪ diˌeɪ ʃən/ noun, Physics. 1. See under . [key-lahyn] /ˈkeɪˌlaɪn/ noun, Physics. 1. one of a series of lines (K-series) in the x-ray spectrum of an atom corresponding to radiation (K-radiation) produced by the transition of an electron to the K-shell.

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