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noun (NZ) (pl) kuku
another name for New Zealand pigeon
a mussel


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  • Kukui

    [koo-koo-ee] /kuˈku i/ noun 1. the candlenut tree, Aleurites moluccana, of the spurge family, having grayish leaves and clusters of small white flowers: the state tree of Hawaii.

  • Kuku nor

    /ˈkuːˈkuː ˈnɔː/ noun 1. a variant of Koko Nor

  • Kula

    /ˈkuːlə/ noun 1. a ceremonial gift exchange practised among a group of islanders in the W Pacific, used to establish relations between islands

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    [koo-lahk, -lak; koo-lahk, -lak] /kʊˈlɑk, -ˈlæk; ˈku lɑk, -læk/ noun, (in Russia) 1. a comparatively wealthy peasant who employed hired labor or possessed farm machinery and who was viewed and treated by the Communists during the drive to collectivize agriculture in the 1920s and 1930s as an oppressor and class enemy. 2. (before the revolution […]

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