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[koo-luh-byah-kuh; Russian koo-lyi-byah-kuh] /ˌku ləˈbyɑ kə; Russian ku lyɪˈbyɑ kə/

noun, Russian Cookery.


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  • Kuleshov

    [koo-luh-shawf, -shof; Russian koo-lyi-shawf] /ˈku ləˌʃɔf, -ˌʃɒf; Russian ku lyɪˈʃɔf/ noun 1. Lev (Vladimirovich) [lef vlad-uh-meer-uh-vich;; Russian lyef vluh-dyee-myi-ruh-vyich] /lɛf ˌvlæd əˈmɪər ə vɪtʃ;; Russian lyɛf vlʌˈdyi myɪ rə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1899–1970, Soviet film director.

  • Kuletuk

    [koo-luh-tuhk] /ˈku ləˌtʌk/ noun, Canadian. 1. a hip-length overcoat with a hood, usually designed for women; parka.

  • Kulfi

    /ˈkʊlfɪ/ noun 1. an Indian dessert made by freezing milk which has been concentrated by boiling away some of the water in it, and flavoured with nuts and cardamom seeds

  • Kulich

    [koo-lich] /ˈku lɪtʃ/ noun, Russian Cookery. 1. a sweetened, dome-shaped yeast bread, rich in butter and eggs and also containing raisins and topped with a sugar icing: traditionally made at Easter and served with paskha.

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