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[kurn] /kɜrn/

noun, Scot. and North England.
2 .


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  • Kurnool

    [ker-nool] /kərˈnul/ noun 1. a city in S central India, in Andhra Pradesh state.

  • Kuroki

    [koo-raw-kee] /ˈku rɔˈki/ noun 1. Tamemoto [tah-me-maw-taw] /ˈtɑ mɛˈmɔ tɔ/ (Show IPA), Count, 1844–1923, Japanese general.

  • Kuroshio

    [koo-roh-shee-oh; Japanese koo-raw-shee-aw] /kʊˈroʊ ʃiˌoʊ; Japanese kʊˈrɔ ʃiˈɔ/ noun 1. . /kəˈrəʊʃɪˌəʊ/ noun 1. another name for Japan Current

  • Kuroshio current

    Kuroshio Current (k-rō’shē-ō’) See Japan Current.

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