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[koo r-uh k] /ˈkʊər ək/

a Dravidian language spoken in central India.


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  • Kurume

    [koo-roo-mey; Japanese koo-roo-me] /kʊˈru meɪ; Japanese ˈku ru mɛ/ noun 1. a city in NW Kyushu, Japan.

  • Kurunegala

    [koo r-oo-neg-uh-luh, -ney-guh-] /ˌkʊər uˈnɛg ə lə, -ˈneɪ gə-/ noun 1. a city in W central Sri Lanka.

  • Kurus

    [koo-roosh] /kʊˈruʃ/ noun, plural kurus. 1. a monetary unit of Turkey, the 100th part of a lira; piaster. [koo r-ooz] /ˈkʊər uz/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. . [koo r-oo] /ˈkʊər u/ noun, Pathology. 1. a fatal degenerative disease of the central nervous system characterized by progressive lack of coordination and dementia, known […]

  • Kuruses

    [koo r-ooz] /ˈkʊər uz/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. . /kʊˈruːʃ/ noun (pl) -ruş 1. a Turkish monetary unit worth one hundredth of a lira Also piastre

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