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kilovolt-ampere; kilovolt-amperes.


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    [kvahs, kwahs] /kvɑs, kwɑs/ noun 1. a Russian beer made from fermenting rye or barley and having a dark color and sour taste. /kvɑːs/ noun 1. an alcoholic drink of low strength made in Russia and E Europe from cereals and stale bread n. Russian fermented drink made from rye or barley, 1550s, from Russian […]

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    Kveim antigen (kvām) n. A saline suspension of human sarcoid tissue prepared from the spleen of an individual with active sarcoidosis and used in the Kveim test.

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    Kveim test n. An intradermal test for the detection of sarcoidosis, performed by injecting Kveim antigen and examining skin biopsies after three and six weeks; a positive test is indicated by typical nodules showing evidence of sarcoid tissue.

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