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[kvech] /kvɛtʃ/ Slang.

verb (used without object)
to complain, especially chronically.
Also, kvetcher. a person who kvetches.
(intransitive) (slang, mainly US) to complain or grumble, esp incessantly

“to complain, whine,” 1953 (implied in kvetching), from Yiddish kvetshn, literally “squeeze, press,” from German quetsche “crusher, presser.” As a noun, from 1936 as a term of abuse for a person.

verb phrase

To work hard and seriously; stop loafing; buckle down

[1866+; fr the act of putting one’s knuckles down to the taw or marble preparing for a careful shot in the game of marbles, a use dating fr the mid-18th century]


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