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National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway


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  • Kwd

    Kuwait-dinar (currency)

  • Kwedien

    /kwɪˈdiːn/ noun 1. a young African boy, esp one who has not yet undergone the rites of initiation

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    [kwey-chou, -choh; Chinese gwey-joh] /ˈkweɪˈtʃaʊ, -ˈtʃoʊ; Chinese ˈgweɪˈdʒoʊ/ noun, Older Spelling. 1. . /ˈkweɪˈtʃaʊ/ noun 1. a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Guizhou

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    [hoh-hoht] /ˈhoʊˈhoʊt/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Inner Mongolia, in N China. [kwey-swey; Chinese gwey-swey] /ˈkweɪˈsweɪ; Chinese ˈgweɪˈsweɪ/ noun, Older Spelling. 1. former name of . /ˈhɒˈhɒt/ noun 1. a city in N China, capital of Inner Mongolia (since 1954); previously capital of the former Suiyüan province; Inner Mongolia University (1957). […]

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