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noun acronym
key word out of context


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  • Kwolek

    Kwolek (kwŏl’ěk’) American chemist who pioneered the use of polymers to make synthetic fibers. She developed the first liquid crystal polymer fiber, now used to make many products, including bulletproof vests.

  • Kwt

    abbreviation 1. Kuwait (international car registration) Kuwait (international vehicle ID)

  • KY

    1. Kentucky (approved especially for use with zip code). 1. . abbreviation 1. Cayman Islands /kiː/ noun 1. Nguyen Kao (əŋˈɡuːjɛn ˈkaʊ). 1930–2011, Vietnamese military and political leader; premier of South Vietnam (1965–67); vice president (1967–71) abbreviation 1. Kentucky networking The country code for the Cayman Islands. (1999-01-27) Kirghiz Kentucky Kentucky

  • Kyack

    [kahy-ak] /ˈkaɪ æk/ noun 1. . [kahy-ak] /ˈkaɪ æk/ noun 1. a type of packsack that consists of two connected sacks and is hung on either side of a packsaddle. [kahy-ak] /ˈkaɪ æk/ noun 1. an Eskimo canoe with a skin cover on a light framework, made watertight by flexible closure around the waist of […]

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