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kymography ky·mog·ra·phy (kī-mog’rā- fē)
use of the kymograph


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  • Kymric

    [kim-rik] /ˈkɪm rɪk/ adjective, noun 1. . /ˈkɪmrɪk/ noun, adjective 1. a variant spelling of Cymric

  • Kymry

    [kim-ree] /ˈkɪm ri/ plural noun 1. . [kim-ree] /ˈkɪm ri/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. the Welsh, or the branch of the Celtic people to which the Welsh belong, comprising also the Cornish people and the Bretons. /ˈkɪmrɪ/ plural noun 1. a variant spelling of Cymry /ˈkɪmrɪ/ noun (functioning as pl) the Cymry […]

  • Kynewulf

    /ˈkɪnəˌwʊlf/ noun 1. a variant spelling of Cynewulf

  • Kynurenic acid

    kynurenic acid kyn·u·re·nic acid (kĭn’yu-rē’nĭk, -rěn’ĭk, kīn’-) n. A crystalline acid occurring in the urine as a product of the metabolism of tryptophan.

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