Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol

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    Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

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    [leet-speek] /ˈlitˌspik/ noun, Digital Technology. 1. a coded spelling system and language used in very informal communications on the Internet, featuring letters combined with numbers or special characters in place of letters that they may resemble, and including inventive misspellings, jargon, and slang. 2. the spelling conventions and jargon of this system and language. /ˈliːtˌspiːk/ […]

  • L6

    Bell Telephone Laboratories Low-Level Linked List Language. Ken Knowlton, 1965. List processing language, typeless. [“A Programmer’s Description of L6, Bell Telephone Laboratories’ Low-Level Linked List Language”, K. Knowlton CACM 9(8):616-625 (Aug 1966). Sammet 1969, pp.400- 405].

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    abbreviation 1. later later

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