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[lah joh-kon-duh, jee-uh-; Italian lah jaw-kawn-dah] /ˌlɑ dʒoʊˈkɒn də, ˌdʒi ə-; Italian lɑ dʒɔˈkɔn dɑ/

an opera (1876) by Amilcare Ponchielli.
[moh-nuh lee-suh, lee-zuh] /ˈmoʊ nə ˈli sə, ˈli zə/
Italian La Gioconda. a portrait (1503?–05?) by Leonardo da Vinci.
/ˈməʊnə ˈliːzə/
a portrait of a young woman painted by Leonardo da Vinci, admired for her enigmatic smile Also called La Gioconda

from 1923, in reference to an enigmatic smile or expression like that in Leonardo DaVinci’s painting. First attested in D.H. Lawrence.

A painting by Leonardo da Vinci of a woman with a mysterious smile. It is one of the most readily recognized paintings in the world.


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