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La-la land

[lah-lah] /ˈlɑˌlɑ/

noun, Slang.
a state of being out of touch with reality.
(usually initial capital letters) Los Angeles.
noun (slang)
a nickname for Los Angeles
(not capitals) a place that is remote from reality

noun phrase

Los Angeles, California (often abbreviated L.A.). This expression pokes fun at the alleged eccentricities of the city’s inhabitants. For example, What do you expect? Frederick has lived in la-la land for ten years and it has rubbed off on him. [ ; c. 1980 ]
A state of being out of touch with reality, as in I don’t know what’s going on with Amy—she seems to be in la-la land. [ ; c. 1980 ]
Also see: never-never land


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