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[luh sal; for 1, 2 also French la sal] /lə ˈsæl; for 1, 2 also French la ˈsal/

(René) Robert Cavelier
[ruh-ney raw-ber ka-vuh-lyey] /rəˈneɪ rɔˈbɛr ka vəˈlyeɪ/ (Show IPA), Sieur de, 1643–87, French explorer of North America.
a city in S Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Montreal.
a city in N Illinois.
/lə ˈsæl/
a city in SE Canada, in Quebec: a S suburb of Montreal. Pop (with Émard): 100 327 (2006)
/French la sal/
Sieur Robert Cavelier de (rɔbɛr kavəlje də). 1643–87, French explorer and fur trader in North America; founder of Louisiana (1682)


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