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  • Laager

    [lah-ger] /ˈlɑ gər/ South African. noun 1. a camp or encampment, especially within a protective circle of wagons. verb (used with or without object) 2. to arrange or encamp in a laager. /ˈlɑːɡə/ noun 1. (in Africa) a camp, esp one defended by a circular formation of wagons 2. (military) a place where armoured vehicles […]

  • Laaland

    [lol-uh nd; Danish law-lahn] /ˈlɒl ənd; Danish ˈlɔ lɑn/ noun 1. an island in SE Denmark, S of Zealand. 495 sq. mi. (1280 sq. km). /Danish ˈlɔlan/ noun 1. a variant spelling of Lolland

  • Laari

    [lahr-ee] /ˈlɑr i/ noun, plural laari, laaris. 1. . [lahr-ee] /ˈlɑr i/ noun, plural lari, laris. 1. an aluminum coin and monetary unit of the Maldives, the 100th part of a rupee. /lɑːrɪ/ noun 1. the standard monetary unit of Georgia, divided into 100 tetri

  • Laat lammetjie

    /lɑːt ˈlæmIkI/ noun 1. (South African, informal) a child born many years after its siblings

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