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labiochorea la·bi·o·cho·re·a (lā’bē-ō-kô-rē’ə, -kə-)
A chronic spasm of the lips that interferes with speech.


Read Also:

  • Labioclination

    labioclination la·bi·o·cli·na·tion (lā’bē-ō-klə-nā’shən) n. Inclination of a tooth more toward the lips than is normal.

  • Labiodental

    [ley-bee-oh-den-tl] /ˌleɪ bi oʊˈdɛn tl/ Phonetics adjective 1. articulated with the lower lip touching the upper front teeth, as f or v, or, rarely, with the upper lip touching the lower front teeth. noun 2. a labiodental speech sound. /ˌleɪbɪəʊˈdɛntəl/ adjective 1. pronounced by bringing the bottom lip into contact or near contact with the […]

  • Labiogingival

    labiogingival la·bi·o·gin·gi·val (lā’bē-ō-jĭn’jə-vəl, -jĭn-jī’-) adj. Relating to the point of junction of the labial border and the gingival line on the distal or mesial surface of an incisor tooth.

  • Labioglossolaryngeal

    labioglossolaryngeal la·bi·o·glos·so·la·ryn·ge·al (lā’bē-ō-glô’sō-lə-rĭn’jē-əl, -jəl, -lār’ən-jē’əl) adj. Of or relating to the lips, tongue, and larynx.

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