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labiograph la·bi·o·graph (lā’bē-ə-grāf’)
An instrument for recording the movements of the lips during speech.


Read Also:

  • Labiogression

    [ley-bee-oh-gresh-uh n] /ˌleɪ bi oʊˈgrɛʃ ən/ noun, Dentistry. 1. location of the anterior teeth forward of their natural position.

  • Labiomental

    labiomental la·bi·o·men·tal (lā’bē-ō-měn’tl) adj. Relating to the lower lip and the chin.

  • Labionasal

    [ley-bee-oh-ney-zuh l] /ˌleɪ bi oʊˈneɪ zəl/ Phonetics adjective 1. articulated with the lips and given resonance in the cavity, as m. noun 2. a labionasal sound. /ˌleɪbɪəʊˈneɪzəl/ adjective 1. pronounced by making a complete closure of the air passage at the lips and lowering the soft palate allowing air to escape through the nasal cavity […]

  • Labiopalatine

    labiopalatine la·bi·o·pal·a·tine (lā’bē-ō-pāl’ə-tīn’) adj. Relating to the lips and the palate.

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