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[ley-bee-uh m] /ˈleɪ bi əm/

noun, plural labia
[ley-bee-uh] /ˈleɪ bi ə/ (Show IPA)
a lip or liplike part.

Botany. the lower lip of a bilabiate corolla.
Entomology. the posterior, unpaired member of the mouthparts of an insect, formed by the united second maxillae.
noun (pl) -bia (-bɪə)
a lip or liplike structure
any one of the four lip-shaped folds of the female vulva See labia majora, labia minora
the fused pair of appendages forming the lower lip of insects
the lower lip of the corolla of labiate flowers

1590s, plural labia, from Latin labium “lip” (see lip (n.)).

labium la·bi·um (lā’bē-əm)
n. pl la·bi·a (-bē-ə)

Plural labia
Either of two pairs of folds of tissue that make up part of the external genitalia of female mammals.


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