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[lab-ruh-dawr-ee-uh n] /ˌlæb rəˈdɔr i ən/

of or relating to Labrador.
noting or pertaining to the Pleistocene ice located mainly E of Hudson Bay.


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  • Labradorescent

    /ˌlæbrədɔːˈrɛsənt/ adjective 1. (of minerals) displaying a brilliant play of colours, as that shown by some forms of labradorite

  • Labradorite

    [lab-ruh-daw-rahyt, lab-ruh-dawr-ahyt] /ˈlæb rə dɔˌraɪt, ˌlæb rəˈdɔr aɪt/ noun 1. a feldspar mineral of the plagioclase group, often characterized by a brilliant change of colors, with blue and green most common. /ˌlæbrəˈdɔːraɪt/ noun 1. a blue, green, or reddish-brown feldspar mineral of the plagioclase series: used as a decorative stone. Formula: CaAl2Si2O8.NaAlSi3O8 labradorite (lāb’rə-dôr’īt’, -dô-rīt’) […]

  • Labrador-retriever

    noun 1. one of a breed of retrievers having a short, thick, oily, solid black or yellow coat, raised originally in Newfoundland. noun 1. a powerfully-built variety of retriever with a short dense usually black or golden-brown coat Often shortened to Labrador, (informal) lab

  • Labrador-tea

    noun 1. a North American bog shrub, Ledum groenlandicum, of the heath family, having evergreen leaves and rounded clusters of white flowers. noun 1. either of two arctic evergreen ericaceous shrubs, Ledum groenlandicum or L. palustre var. decumbens 2. (in Canada) an infusion brewed from the leaves of either of these plants

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