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another name for ribbonwood


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  • Lace-bug

    noun 1. any of several bugs of the family Tingidae, characterized by a lacy pattern of ridges on the head, thorax, and wings, and feeding on the leaves of oak, birch, sycamore, etc. noun 1. a small bug of the family Tingidae, having a delicate pattern in the wing venation. They are plant feeders and […]

  • Lace card

    (Obsolete) A punched card with all holes punched (also called a “whoopee card” or “ventilator card”). Card readers tended to jam when they got to one of these, as the resulting card had too little structural strength to avoid buckling inside the mechanism. Card punches could also jam trying to produce these things owing to […]

  • Lace-curtain

    [leys-kur-tn] /ˈleɪsˌkɜr tn/ adjective, Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive. 1. characteristic of or aspiring to the standards and attributes of the middle class: Her latest novel traces the rise of a lace-curtain Irish family in Boston.

  • Lacedaemon

    [las-i-dee-muh n] /ˌlæs ɪˈdi mən/ noun 1. . 2. Classical Mythology. the son of Zeus and Taÿgete and the founder of the city of . /ˌlæsɪˈdiːmən/ noun 1. another name for Sparta, Laconia

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