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[lak-teyt] /ˈlæk teɪt/

verb (used without object), lactated, lactating.
to produce milk.
an ester or salt of lactic acid
(intransitive) (of mammals) to produce or secrete milk

“secrete milk from the breasts,” 1889, probably a back-formation from lactation. Related: Lactated; lactating.

1794, from stem of lactic + -ate (1).

lactate lac·tate1 (lāk’tāt’)
v. lac·tat·ed, lac·tat·ing, lac·tates
To secrete or produce milk.

lactate 2
A salt or an ester of lactic acid.
A salt or ester of lactic acid. Lactate is a product of fermentation and is produced during cellular respiration as glucose is broken down.


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