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Lactiferous sinus

lactiferous sinus n.
A circumscribed spindle-shaped dilation of the lactiferous duct just before it enters the nipple of the breast.


Read Also:

  • Lactifuge

    lactifuge lac·ti·fuge (lāk’tə-fyōōj’) adj. Causing the arrest of the secretion of milk.

  • Lactigenous

    lactigenous lac·tig·e·nous (lāk-tĭj’ə-nəs) adj. Producing milk.

  • Lactigerous

    lactigerous lac·tig·er·ous (lāk-tĭj’ər-əs) adj. Lactiferous.

  • Lactim

    lactim lac·tim (lāk’tĭm) n. A hydroxy imide compound characterized by an enolic group in a ring configuration. It is tautameric with lactam.

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