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Lad lit



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  • Lad mag

    noun 1. a magazine aimed at or appealing to men, focusing on fashion, gadgets, and often featuring scantily dressed women

  • Ladon

    [leyd-n] /ˈleɪd n/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. a dragon having 100 heads and guarding the garden of the Hesperides: killed by Hercules.

  • Ladoga

    [lah-duh-guh] /ˈlɑ də gə/ noun 1. Lake, a lake in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, NE of St. Petersburg: largest lake in Europe. 7000 sq. mi. (18,000 sq. km). /Russian ˈladəɡə/ noun 1. Lake Ladoga, a lake in NW Russia, in the SW Karelian Republic: the largest lake in Europe; drains through the River […]

  • Ladron

    [luh-drohn] /ləˈdroʊn/ noun, Southwestern U.S. 1. a thief.

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