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[lah-guh r-lœf] /ˈlɑ gərˌlœf/

Selma (Ottiliana Lovisa)
[sel-mah awt-ti-lee-ah-nah loo-vi-sah] /ˈsɛl mɑ ˌɔt tɪ liˈɑ nɑ ˈlu vɪˌsɑ/ (Show IPA), 1858–1940, Swedish novelist and poet: Nobel Prize 1909.
/Swedish ˈlɑːɡərløːv/
Selma (ˈsɛlma). 1858–1940, Swedish novelist, noted esp for her children’s classic The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1906–07): Nobel prize for literature 1909


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