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a house, especially of prehistoric times, built on piles or other support over the water of a lake.
a dwelling, esp in prehistoric villages, constructed on platforms supported by wooden piles driven into the bottom of a lake


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  • Lake-effect

    noun, Meteorology. 1. the phenomena created in the surrounding area by weather passing over a large lake, especially any of the Great Lakes of the U.S.

  • Lake-effect snow

    noun a phenomenon created when cold dry air passes over a large warmer lake, such as one of the Great Lakes, and picks up moisture and heat a localized snow falling in convective bands along the lee of lakes when relatively cold air flows over the warm water Examples In the US, lake-effect snow often […]

  • Lake-eyre

    [air] /ɛər/ noun 1. Lake, a shallow salt lake in S South Australia. 3430 sq. mi. (8885 sq. km). /ɛə/ noun (English legal history) 1. any of the circuit courts held in each shire from 1176 until the late 13th century 2. justices in eyre, the justices travelling on circuit and presiding over such courts […]

  • Lake-forest

    noun 1. a city in NE Illinois, N of Chicago, on Lake Michigan.

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