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[leyk-bed] /ˈleɪkˌbɛd/

the bottom or floor of a lake.


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  • Lake-biel

    [beel] /bil/ noun 1. Lake. . [byen] /byɛn/ noun 1. Lake of, a lake in NW Switzerland: traces of prehistoric lake dwellings. 16 sq. mi. (41 sq. km). /biːl/ noun 1. a town in NW Switzerland, on Lake Biel. Pop: 48 655 (2000) French name Bienne 2. Lake Biel, a lake in NW Switzerland: remains […]

  • Lake-breeze

    noun 1. a thermally produced wind blowing during the day from the surface of a large lake to the shore, caused by the difference in the rates of heating of the surfaces of the lake and of the land.

  • Lake-charles

    noun 1. a city in SW Louisiana.

  • Lake-dweller

    noun 1. an inhabitant of a lake dwelling.

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