Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de
[al-fawns ma-ree lwee duh pra duh] /alˈfɔ̃s maˈri lwi də pra də/ (Show IPA), 1790–1869, French poet, historian, and statesman.
Historical Examples

Lamartine was then so popular that he might have saved the situation.
My Autobiography F. Max Mller

Lamartine grew rapidly in public estimation, because he was a new man.
Graham’s Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 1 July 1848 Various

“I am very glad indeed to see you, Captain Rotherby,” Lamartine said.
The Lost Ambassador E. Phillips Oppenheim

The history of the Girondists contains Lamartine’s political faith.
Graham’s Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 1 July 1848 Various

The piety which Lamartine felt in duty bound to display is less offensive, because more sincere, in the ode entitled L’Immortalit.
Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature, Vol. III (of 6) The Reaction in France Georg Brandes

With respect to character, energy, and courage, Lamartine has few equals.
Graham’s Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 1 July 1848 Various

Unlike Lamartine, he failed entirely in politics, but certainly was for years the most popular novelist in France.
Genius in Sunshine and Shadow Maturin Murray Ballou

In the name of the people, silence, and let Lamartine speak!
Edmond Dants Edmund Flagg

As well might Lamartine sing his odes with the aid of the logarithm tables.
Harmonies of Political Economy Frdric Bastiat

Lamartine then descended from the tribune; applause and uproar succeeded.
Edmond Dants Edmund Flagg

Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de (alfɔ̃s mari lwi də pra də). 1790–1869, French romantic poet, historian, and statesman: his works include Méditations poétiques (1820) and Histoire des Girondins (1847)

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