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The most frequently used server software for running a MOO and also the nerve-center (of sorts) of the MOO community.
Telnet (telnet://lambda.moo.mud.org:8888).


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    noun, Physics. 1. any of a family of neutral baryons with strangeness −1 or charm +1, and isotopic spin 0. The least massive member of the lambda family was the first strange particle to be discovered. Symbol: Λ. lambda particle An electrically neutral baryon having a mass 2,183 times that of the electron and a […]

  • Lambda-point

    noun, Physics. 1. the temperature of approximately 2.186 K, at which the transition from helium I to superfluid helium II occurs.

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    language An extension of standard Prolog defined by Dale A. Miller and Gopalan Nadathur in 1986, in which terms are strongly typed lambda terms. Clauses are higher order hereditary Harrop formulas. The main novelties are universal quantification on goals and implication. The Prolog/Mali compiler compiles Lambda Prolog for the MALI abstract memory system. Teyjus (http://teyjus.cs.umn.edu/) […]

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    noun, Anatomy. 1. the lambda-shaped seam or line of joining between the occipital and two parietal bones at the back part of the skull.

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