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[luh-mel-er, lam-uh-ler] /ləˈmɛl ər, ˈlæm ə lər/

referring to a or .
noting a type of armor composed of small plates or lames laced together.
Mathematics. (def 7).


Read Also:

  • Lamellar bone

    lamellar bone n. A bone in which the tubular lamellae are formed, which are characterized by parallel spirally arranged collagen fibers.

  • Lamellar cataract

    lamellar cataract n. A congenital cataract in which opacity is limited to layers of the lens external to the nucleus. Also called zonular cataract.

  • Lamellar ichthyosis

    lamellar ichthyosis n. An inherited form of ichthyosis that is present at birth and is characterized by large, coarse scales over most of the body and thickened palms and soles; it is associated with ectropion.

  • Lamella-roof

    noun 1. a vaulted roof composed of lamellae.

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