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[lam-uh-nuh] /ˈlæm ə nə/

noun, plural laminae
[lam-uh-nee] /ˈlæm əˌni/ (Show IPA), laminas.
a thin plate, scale, or layer.
a layer or coat lying over another, as the plates of minerals or bones.
Botany. the blade or expanded portion of a leaf.
Geology. a layer of sediment or sedimentary rock only a small fraction of an inch (less than a centimeter) in thickness.
noun (pl) -nae (-ˌniː), -nas
a thin plate or layer, esp of bone or mineral
(botany) the flat blade of a leaf, petal, or thallus

lamina lam·i·na (lām’ə-nə)
n. pl. lam·i·nas or lam·i·nae (-nē’)

lam’i·nar or lam’i·nal adj.
Plural laminae (lām’ə-nē’) or laminas


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    lamina fusca sclerae lamina fus·ca scle·rae (fŭs’kə sklēr’ē) n. A thin layer of pigmented connective tissue on the inner surface of the sclera of the eye, connecting it with the choroid.

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