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[lam-per] /ˈlæm pər/

another name for lamprey


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  • Lampern

    /ˈlæmpən/ noun 1. a migratory European lamprey, Lampetra fluviatilis, that spawns in rivers Also called river lamprey

  • Lampers

    [lam-perz] /ˈlæm pərz/ noun, (used with a singular verb) Veterinary Pathology. 1. .

  • Lamping

    [lamp] /læmp/ noun 1. any of various devices furnishing artificial light, as by electricity or gas. Compare , . 2. a container for an inflammable liquid, as oil, which is burned at a wick as a means of illumination. 3. a source of intellectual or spiritual light: the lamp of learning. 4. any of various […]

  • Lampion

    [lam-pee-uh n] /ˈlæm pi ən/ noun 1. a small lamp, especially a small oil lamp with a tinted glass chimney, formerly very popular as a source of illumination on carriages. /ˈlæmpɪən/ noun 1. an oil-burning lamp

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