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(Brit, military, slang) a lance corporal


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  • Lancefield classification

    Lancefield classification Lance·field classification (lāns’fēld’) n. A serologic classification of hemolytic streptococci, dividing them into groups A to O.

  • Lancelet

    [lans-lit, lahns-] /ˈlæns lɪt, ˈlɑns-/ noun 1. any of several small, lancet-shaped burrowing marine animals of the subphylum Cephalochordata, having a notochord and bearing structural similarities to both vertebrates and invertebrates. /ˈlɑːnslɪt/ noun 1. any of several marine animals of the genus Branchiostoma (formerly Amphioxus), esp B. lanceolatus, that are closely related to the vertebrates: […]

  • Lancelot

    [lan-suh-luh t, -lot, lahn-] /ˈlæn sə lət, -ˌlɒt, ˈlɑn-/ noun 1. Arthurian Romance. the greatest of Arthur’s knights and the lover of Queen Guinevere. /ˈlɑːnslət/ noun 1. (in Arthurian legend) one of the Knights of the Round Table; the lover of Queen Guinevere masc. proper name, Old French, a double-diminutive of Frankish Lanzo, a hypocoristic […]

  • Lamellated corpuscle

    lamellated corpuscle n. Any of numerous small oval bodies that are sensitive to pressure, are found in the skin of the fingers and elsewhere, are formed of concentric layers of connective tissue. Also called pacinian corpuscle.

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