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[lahng-dawk] /lɑ̃gˈdɔk/

a former province in S France.
Capital: Toulouse.
/French lɑ̃ɡdɔk/
a former province of S France, lying between the foothills of the Pyrenees and the River Rhône: formed around the countship of Toulouse in the 13th century; important production of bulk wines
a wine from this region

“language of medieval France south of the Loire,” 1660s, from French langue d’oc “speech of the south of France,” literally “the language of ‘yes,’ ” from oc the word used for “yes” in southern France, from Latin hoc “this;” as opposed to langue d’oïl, from the way of saying “yes” in the north of France (Modern French oui); each from a different word in Latin phrase hoc ille (fecit) “this he (did).” The langue d’oïl has developed into standard Modern French.


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