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[langk] /læŋk/

adjective, lanker, lankest.
(of plants) unduly long and slender:
lank grass; lank, leafless trees.
(of hair) straight and limp; without spring or curl.
lean; gaunt; thin.
long and limp
thin or gaunt
adjective, adverb
(South African, informal) a lot; a great deal

Old English hlanc “loose and empty, slender, flaccid,” from Proto-Germanic *khlankaz, perhaps from a root meaning “flexible” (cf. German lenken “to bend, turn aside,” Old Norse hlykkr “bend, noose, loop”), from PIE root *kleng- “to bend, turn” (see link (n.)). “Some examples may be long adj. with unvoicing of g” [“Middle English Dictionary”]


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