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a distinctly protruding, often wide lower jaw.
a long, thin jaw.
when plural, refers to upper and lower jaw; when singular usually to lower jaw. a long hollow jaw that gives the face a drawn appearance

lantern jaw lan·tern jaw (lān’tərn)


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  • Lantern-jawed

    [lan-tern-jawd] /ˈlæn tərnˌdʒɔd/ adjective 1. having a lantern jaw. adjective 1. having a long hollow jaw that gives the face a drawn appearance

  • Lantern-ring

    noun, Machinery. 1. 2 (def 1).

  • Lantern-slide

    noun 1. a slide or transparency for projection by a slide projector or magic lantern. noun 1. (formerly) a photographic slide for projection, used in a magic lantern

  • Lantern-wheel

    noun 1. a wheel, used like a pinion, consisting essentially of two parallel disks or heads whose peripheries are connected by a series of bars that engage with the teeth of another wheel.

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