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[lahn] /lɑ̃/

a town in and the capital of Aisne, in N France, E of Paris.
[eyn; French en] /eɪn; French ɛn/
a river in N France, flowing NW and W to the Oise. 175 miles (280 km) long.
a department in N France. 2868 sq. mi. (7430 sq. km).
Capital: Laon.
/eɪn; French ɛn/
a department of NE France, in Picardy region. Capital: Laon. Pop: 535 326 (2003 est). Area: 7428 sq km (2897 sq miles)
a river in N France, rising in the Argonne Forest and flowing northwest and west to the River Oise: scene of a major Allied offensive in 1918 which turned the tide finally against Germany in World War I. Length: 282 km (175 miles)


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