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Lap desk


a desklike surface used on one’s lap for writing, sometimes with a padded underside


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  • Lapdog

    /ˈlæpˌdɒɡ/ noun 1. a pet dog small and docile enough to be cuddled in the lap 2. (informal) a person who attaches himself to someone in admiration or infatuation n. also lap-dog, 1640s, from lap (n.) + dog (n.); figurative sense of “subservient person” is by 1950. Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) renewed his Communists-in-Government charges today […]

  • Lap-dog

    noun 1. a small pet dog that can easily be held in the lap.

  • Lap-dovetail-joint

    noun 1. . noun, Joinery. 1. a corner dovetail joint visible on one face only.

  • Lapel

    [luh-pel] /ləˈpɛl/ noun 1. either of the two parts of a garment folded back on the chest, especially a continuation of a coat collar. /ləˈpɛl/ noun 1. the continuation of the turned or folded back collar on a suit coat, jacket, etc n. 1751 (implied in lapelled), from lap (n.) + -el, diminutive suffix. Cf. […]

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