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[lap-er] /ˈlæp ər/

verb (used without object), Scot. and North England.
to clabber; curdle.

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  • Lapinization

    lapinization lap·i·ni·za·tion (lāp’ə-nĭ-zā’shən) n. The weakening of a vaccine by passage through a series of rabbits. lap’i·nize’ (-nīz’) v.

  • Lapis

    [lap-is, ley-pis] /ˈlæp ɪs, ˈleɪ pɪs/ noun, plural lapides [lap-i-deez] /ˈlæp ɪˌdiz/ (Show IPA) 1. (italics) Latin. stone (used in Latin names for minerals, gems, etc.) 2. .

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    [lap-is laz-oo-lee, -lahy, laz-yoo-, lazh-oo-] /ˈlæp ɪs ˈlæz ʊ li, -ˌlaɪ, ˈlæz yʊ-, ˈlæʒ ʊ-/ noun 1. a deep-blue mineral composed mainly of lazurite with smaller quantities of other minerals, used mainly as a gem or as a pigment. 2. a sky-blue color; azure. /ˈlæpɪs/ noun 1. a brilliant blue variety of the mineral lazurite, […]

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    /ˈlæpɪθ/ noun (pl) Lapithae (ˈlæpɪˌθiː), Lapiths 1. (Greek myth) a member of a people in Thessaly who at the wedding of their king, Pirithoüs, fought the drunken centaurs

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