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[lap-suh-buh l] /ˈlæp sə bəl/

[lap-suh-buh l] /ˈlæp sə bəl/
liable to .


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  • Lap-size

    [lap-sahyz] /ˈlæpˌsaɪz/ adjective 1. of a size to fit the lap: a lap-size chessboard.

  • Lap something up

    verb phrase To accept or believe eagerly;to take in something delightful: Tell ’em you’ll lower their taxes and they’ll lap it up/ lapped up the praise (1922+)

  • Lapstrake

    [lap-streyk] /ˈlæpˌstreɪk/ adjective, Nautical. 1. (def 2). noun 2. a vessel with a hull. /ˈlæpˌstreɪk/ adjective 1. another term for clinker-built noun 2. a clinker-built boat

  • Lapsus

    [lap-suh s; Latin lahp-soo s] /ˈlæp səs; Latin ˈlɑp sʊs/ noun 1. a slip or lapse. [lahp-soo s kah-lah-mee; English lap-suh s kal-uh-mahy, -mee] /ˈlɑp sʊs ˈkɑ lɑˌmi; English ˈlæp səs ˈkæl əˌmaɪ, -ˌmi/ noun, Latin. 1. a slip of the pen. [lahp-soo s ling-gwahy; English lap-suh s ling-gwee] /ˈlɑp sʊs ˈlɪŋ gwaɪ; English ˈlæp […]

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