[lair-eez, ley-reez] /ˈlɛər iz, ˈleɪ riz/

plural noun, singular Lar
[lahr] /lɑr/ (Show IPA). Roman Religion.
the spirits who, if propitiated, watched over the house or community to which they belonged.
[lahr] /lɑr/
noun, plural lares
[lair-eez, ley-reez] /ˈlɛər iz, ˈleɪ riz/ (Show IPA), for 1, lars for 2.
(initial capital letter) Roman Religion. any of the Lares.
Zoology. .
the singular of lares See lares and penates
(Northern English, dialect) a boy or young man
Libya (international car registration)

“Roman tutelary gods, household deities,” Latin, plural of lar.
Libya (international vehicle ID)

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