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of or relating to a camera with an image area of 5 inches by 4 inches or more


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  • Large evening

    noun phrase A festive, pleasant, exciting, etc, evening: The good doctor had himself a large evening (1896+)

  • Large hadron collider

    noun 1. a particle accelerator at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics near Geneva containing a circular underground tunnel 27km (16.8 miles) in circumference, around which two streams of hadrons are sent in opposite directions before being brought together in a high-energy collision LHC

  • Large-handed

    adjective 1. generous; profuse

  • Largehearted

    [lahrj-hahr-tid] /ˈlɑrdʒˈhɑr tɪd/ adjective 1. having or showing generosity; charitable; understanding.

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