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[lahr-muh n] /ˈlɑr mən/

noun, Japanese Cookery.


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  • Larmor-precession

    [lahr-mawr] /ˈlɑr mɔr/ noun, Physics. 1. the precession of charged particles, as electrons, placed in a magnetic field, the frequency of the precession (Larmor frequency) being equal to the electronic charge times the strength of the magnetic field divided by 4π times the mass. /ˈlɑːmɔː/ noun 1. precession of the orbit of an electron in […]

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    noun, Physics. 1. the theorem that an electron subjected only to the force exerted by the nucleus about which it is moving will undergo but no other change in motion when placed in a magnetic field.

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    /lɑːn/ verb (not standard) 1. (facetious) to learn 2. (transitive) to teach (someone) a lesson: that’ll larn you!

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    /ˈlɑːnæks/ noun 1. (archaeol) a coffin made of terracotta

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